How to Get Tattooed at the Convention

Winnipeg – you have a great opportunity here to get tattooed by some incredibly talented tattoo artists from across Canada and the world.

There are two ways to get tattooed at the show. Book an appointment ahead of time or look for a tattoo artist to do a tattoo on the spot at the convention.

Booking Ahead

To find an artist we suggest looking through our artists page and the artists’ Instagram feeds. Find someone whose style you like and think might be a good fit for you and your idea.

Contact the tattoo artist of your choice via email to make arrangements with them. Helpful information to provide includes putting ‘Winnipeg convention’ in the subject line and outlining what you are looking to have tattooed, the size, and the location on your body. You can talk about expected costs and any other questions you might have.

Getting Tattooed on the Spot

There are going to be many artists on hand, ready and willing, to tattoo you at the show. Walk around, check out all the booths and find an artist to do your tattoo. Bring some photos or reference materials for your ideas, or just leave it to the expert to draw up something awesome for you. The artists might need a bit of time to draw but you will be on your way to getting tattooed asap.

  • Trevor says:

    So i am getting tattooed at the convention by 2 artists over the fri sat and sun… am i really expected to buy a pass for the weekend? I mean i have no problem buying a pass for my wife, but I’m kinda spending a shit ton already…

    • Winnipeg Tattoo Convention says:

      Hi, I totally get where you are coming from but unfortunately we need all attendees to purchase tickets. It would be really hard for us to manage letting ‘some’ people in without and then figuring out where to draw those lines. Also we are counting on ticket sales to help cover the costs of the event. The early bird tickets are your best bet because they are a reduced fee. I hope you can understand! Also wow – two artists that’s awesome!

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